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Top Tips for hiring a magician for your event.

With the continued popularity of magic and magical entertainment on the rise, so you will find an increase in magicians willing to take you money to perform at your special event.  Here are my top tips for hiring a magician and making sure you get the best service…

Tip 1

Make sure the magician has some accredited credentials.  A member of The Magic Circle has gone through a rigorous examination process and has shown competence in the art of magic.

There are 3 degrees a magician can attain as a member of The Magic Circle.

M.M.C. – Member of The Magic Circle

A certain level of competency is achieved to become a member of this presdigous magic club.

A.I.M.C. – Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle

This is the highest level that can be attained through examination.  Magicians that hold this degree have passed a more demanding exam covering not only magical prowess, but also their abilities to entertain.

M.I.M.C. – Member of the Inner Magic Circle

The highest degree attained in The Magic Circle.  There are only 300 magicians worldwide who hold this badge of honour.  It can only be attained by invitation from the President of The Magic Circle.


Tip 2

Ask questions….

Most professional magicians would love to talk to you regarding your event.  Do you have any ideas that perhaps the magician can help you to make work?

Also, ask questions like :

How much experience do you have?

What sort of magic do you perform?

Do you have public liability insurance?

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